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Before and after weight loss

This small video is an eyeopener on the whole weight loss before and after pictures that we usually see in magazines or newsletters. Some of us don't want to exercise but still want to loose weight with convenient ways like taking pills or rubbing gel. This video is a must see for those who take weight loss capsules or pay for a gym membership but never go there. I personally don't believe in changing eating habits or taking some pills for weight loss. Just eat your regular food, (in my case it is "daal, rice, sabji, roti, salad, papad, dahi, achar etc etc." ;) ) and exercise twice a day.

If you don't get enough time for exercises, walk as much as you can. Well, if you already have a gym membership and never showed up, means you wanted to hit the gym but you couldn't. Now is the right time to work on your fitness. If you travel by bus, get down two stops before your destination and start walking, use stairs instead of elevator, play with your children. That keeps you healthy and happy but no more "inspiration" from photos like these. Right?

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