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Live Social, Die Social

जगणं सोशल, मरणं सोशल - मराठी अनुवाद

जीना सोशल, मरना सोशल - हिंदी अनुवाद

Many people play a message exchange game on the social media. If we send some message, then immediately a different message is forwarded to us in exchange of that. This new class of society is emerged which don't mind sending any random message lying in their inbox simply ignoring the fact that there could be something important in a message sent by us.

It seems the old time when people used to talk behind each other's back was good. At least they used to help each other in time need. The era of sensitivity and sympathy for others is over. The new era is of being social. One good day wishes messages is enough to prove that we are alright and fine. We are so busy in keeping ourselves alive that we don't have time to read bigger message than this or even this message.

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