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Hi friends,

Today I want to share a real incident happened with me; the incident which inspired me to write a fiction Planchet.

It happened around 12 years ago. One evening when I returned home from office, I saw the door locked and my mother was gone to my aunt's house which is 2 blocks away from my home. I assumed that mother will return within an hour, so I prepared my tea and called on aunt's phone to tell my mother that I am home. My mother said excitedly, "Just finish your tea and come here. These folks are doing a Planchet!"


I was shocked to hear that. My mother and my aunts were never introduced to this thing. There was no chance that they will ever try it or even talk about it. Then how did all of a sudden this topic came up and my aunt allowed somebody to perform it in her house?

I literally gulped the tea and ran towards my aunt's house. It took me only five minutes to reach there but on the way I thought of every possible consequence for Planchet in their house. I was now prepared to see that spooky and mystic mood with lit candles, closed door and windows. But when I reached there the whole scenario turned me upside down. All my assumptions were dissolved when I saw the festive mood there. Kids were running around, elders were laughing, there was also a tea party arranged, my brother and cousin sisters were cracking jokes and my three aunts were chatting with my mother. Everybody was enjoying like a family get-together.

I made my way through this crowd to know what is happening exactly there in the name of Planchet. When I saw that I burst with a laugh. There was a medium size Patla (a tiny table, we used in old times for sitting on the floor) placed upside down and somebody wrote A to Z alphabets, 0 to 9 numbers on it with a chalk. There was "Yes" written in one corner and "No" in the other. A coin of one rupee was kept in the middle of the Patla and my two cousin sisters and a neighbor's son placed their index finger very lightly on the coin. Kids were asking innocent questions like "how many marks will I get in 8th grade or who will be my husband" to whoever spirit was called there.

So, what I saw what just a fun. Three kids were moving the coin all around that alphabets and numbers and entertaining the spectators. With moving coin some meaningless spellings were formed, then kids were trying to get a funny meaning out of it and some new members suggested new funny questions to have more fun. That's it. After all this I forgot all the worries I had before and joined their game. All of a sudden one of my Aunts asked a question. Her voice was so loud that we all stopped cheering and looked at her for a second and then turned our necks back to the coin. The coin slowly moved to the "No". Well, she didn't ask a closed ended question and that wasn't certainly the answer of her question.

She smirked and said, "What kind of a spirit is this? It cannot answer my simplest question!"

The kids asked another aunt to ask a question. This was again not a closed ended question but the coin moved and stopped on "No".

The kids were bit bored now because the game was not moving ahead. One of the cousin sisters said, "Just leave aunt's question aside. Our questions are important. Now ask, will I get more marks than Ameya in unit test?"

Just after this question the coin moved and started making meaningless spellings. The kids began laughing again. After a while my other aunt suddenly asked a question and before we could hush her, the coin went back to "No."

Now the kids became serious. My two cousin sisters and neighbor's son who were doing the "Planchet" said that they are not moving the coin at all. It is moving on its own then why will it stop on "No" only on aunts' question? But I wasn't sure. After all they were kids. I took the place of the neighbor's son with my cousin sisters for the Planchet. Since they had already called Mahatma Gandhi, we began the Play with the same spirit.

The same old innocent, childish question, the same old aunt's questions too! But every time the coin moved on alphabets for kid's questions and stopped on "No" for aunts' question. This bizarre thing was going on till 9 pm. Nobody wanted to leave the place. Finally our mothers declared that if we did not leave this and return home we have to sleep without a dinner. Finally we had to ask "Mahatma Gandhi's spirit" to leave. Instead being scared we were quite excited with what happened and we selected cousins decided to do Planchet next evening at my grandmother's house. Her house terrace was an ideal place for this.

Granny had no idea about what were we going to do there. For her it was a game like Monopoly which we were playing on Saturday night on her terrace. Our youngest aunt promised us not to tell about this to anybody. She also got some fruits and snacks for us.

We decided to start the Planchet like the day before. But this time we decided to invite Divya Bharati's spirit. The Planchet began. With faith in our hearts we four cousins placed our index fingers on the coin. After some time we saw that the coin is moving, that means "Divya Bharati" was arrived. I do not want to disclose the question we asked her as they were related with her personal life and her tragic death. But one thing was sure, whoever the spirit arrived there, was answer our questions neatly. The answers were different, some were not convincing but the coin was moving and there were no spelling mistakes this time.

After a while we lost our curiosity and we asked "Divya Bharati" to leave. But she wasn't ready. She wanted to talk more. Do you know how it feels when at 11 in the night a spirit called for Planchet tells you that she is not leaving? We were scared to death. Finally she didn't leave and we just requested her to leave and wind up everything. We discussed everything in whisper while going back to our houses but never attempted the Planchet again.

Now the granny's house is redeveloped. There is four story building standing on that place. But I still wonder, if that "Divya Bharati" is still waiting there to answer more questions.

I haven't seen a ghost or a spirit actually; we haven't seen God either but we believe thou are there, isn't it?


  1. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

    My blog post Mahjong

  2. Whenever someone calls a soul that is roaming in this world. they actually want to stay more... in this way they will consume life of the organizer who called them ... Its always better to stay away from these stunts ... I request the caller of spirit to chant Hari Nama (hare krsna , hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare ) daily one round on beads to build strength and remove bad karma

  3. Kanchan maam thanx for the informing but u have made me more curious as have recently developed carze for the actress and to tis day her death is a mystery...

    1. Indeed! I can never forget her sweet face. There are many speculations about her death but who knows what happened that day...?

    2. Yess Maam thanx for replying...lets pray to God for her soul get liberated...

  4. The dead won’t hurt anyone
    I’ve been followed and brought to attention around me.
    I have heard and seen.
    Finally went to a medium about 2 weeks ago, with out telling her the reason I needed to see her, she confirmed what believed.
    I do wonder getting that if it would be a positive experience rather then not.

    1. I can't say it it a a positive or a negative experience but it was defiantly not pleasant. I am sure I am never doing Planchette again.

  5. KAnchan maam this is to infrom u and otehr fans of Divya BAHrti ji that her Mother Mrs MEeta OmPRakash Bharti passed Away on 20th of April 2018...Please pray That GOd libarates her soul and grants peace and Strength to her family members...

    1. Oh! That's a sad news! I pray to God for her soul.
      Thank you for informing me.