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The challenge of every day

Two days ago I saw a short film "That Day After Everyday" on YouTube. The film throws light on extremely sensitive issues like eve teasing and molestation.

Around the globe, every single woman has suffered eve teasing or molestation once in her lifetime. Even the society around her advises her how not to get raped than educating the culprit about "'how to respect a woman'.

Everyday, thousands of women step out of the house to earn for their family or for education and every day at least 80% of them face the sexual abuse in various manner. If someone among them is too unlucky, her life may get ruined in rape.

Some monsters can be found at religious crowded places too. The video below shows the footage of Lalbaugcha Raja's immersion where a group of lust haunted monsters molested a woman. She was trying to escape from them but the crowd was so massive that these perverts had the chance to fulfill their evil desire.

On one hand, some so called civilized guardians of the religion and culture are busy in deciding the proper dress code for a woman but on the other, they do not have an answer for a question, "Why a 9 or 10 years girl get raped by her own father or uncle, when she is dressed properly and definitely not trying to lured her elders with her non-existent sexy figure?"

Isn't it ridiculous that we have reserved seats in Buses, reserved compartments in local trains for women but we do not have a strong law that will protect the pride of a woman and the guilty will be brought to justice!

Let's hope that the picture will change in future but till then women have to accept it as a challenge and fight against it.

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  1. Excellent writing. This is ridiculous act done by many men now a days in Metros and small towns. We never know many incidents due to fear and burqa of lajja. The proper way to stop this kind of incidences is to beat the culprit men on open road by group of such victim women fearlessly.

    1. Yes, the victim should have that much confidence to hold the collar of the culprit and expose him. Thank you for commenting.

  2. The common scenario now a days seen on any Metro or small town's roads. Out of which hardly 5% cases are in front of us. The answer to stop these nasty and cruel activity of men is to beat them on road by victims fearlessly.

    1. Certainly Sachin. That's exactly what I think for these perverts.

  3. I hope this picture changes all around the globe but for now the fact is woman is an easy meat for the wolves that live deep inside some men :(