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The Legacy Your Children Shouldn't Have

There is a limit to lying but some people cross that also. Recently I came across to a Facebook user who is posting some sketches stating they are made by her 11 years old daughter.

The sketches were fantastic. Mostly sketching artists have their own style of sketching. It reflects in their every sketch. But the sketches I saw had three different styles. It look liked they are made by three different artists. I had a doubt that an 11 years old cannot have 3 different styles for sketching. So I googled the images and what I found was really surprising.

The sketches were actually made by three different artists and published on three different websites. One of the artists was a famous Disney character sketch artist.

I am still wondering why would that Facebook user lied about these sketches. If she has huge aspiration from her child, she should send her child to a good drawing teacher or may be she should see what her child wants to learn.

By lying about those sketches she just didn't insult the art and original artist but she insulted her child as well. I hope her daughter will not see what her mother is doing on her name.


  1. Omg, that's really bad. She should know its wrong.

  2. No use. She was told. She pretended as she is not the person.